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Server Rate Semi pvp RF Strong 2232

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Fuera de línea
on Mon 29 Apr - 19:39


Server Rate Semi pvp RF Strong 2232

• Level Max 66
• Exp Rate 2000x
• Drop Rate 20x
• Mining 50x
• Animus Rate 20.000x
• All PT/Force/Skill GM
• All Reward Quest On
• MAU & ISIS Fixed
• Quest 50-56 OFF
• Skill Bash Active
• GM Friendly And Aktif
• No Over high player
• High Player Max +7
• Normal Player Max +6

***NPC Race (HQ)***

• Armour Strong 70 in Pvp point
• Armour Dragon 65 +5
• Armour Intens Rare B 65 +6
• Weapon int Rare B 65 +6
• Weapon Strong Lv 70 + 5 in PVP point
• Shield Int Rare B 65 +6
• Shield Strong Lv 70 + 5 in Pvp Point
• Weapon Relic 45/55 +6
• Full Cash Shop In Markas

Drop List :

Flem : Ele High 30/25 or 30/30
Wing: Batu tipe C
Beast Montain
Narom: PVP 50 Slod Random

Draco: drop T5
Scud Lava: Drop Talic

Naroom Captain:PVP lv 50
Kukra Captain:Senjata Armor­­ dan Shield lv 65 slod random

PB Drop List
All Rune
Beast Mountain

Belphegor : Ele HDH

Lack Jow - Soul Slinder : Ele HDH dan relic 55
3d: ele hdh n 3d
N yang lain Masih In coming !

New Event :
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Event Community:
Syarat: Level 65 keatas , Nick depan harus sama . ,1 comunity minimal 10 anggota
Reward: Juara 1. Ketua:Death Scream lvl 57 +6 dan point pvp 50k + senjata strong + 5
Anggota: Death Scream lvl 57 +5 dan point pvp 25k

Juara 2. Ketua: Death scream 55+6 Point PVP 25K Senjata strong + 5
Anggota:Death Scream 55+5 dan PVP Point 15 K

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