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RF Gipsy Full PvP Server

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Fuera de línea
on Thu 3 Apr - 15:01

RF GIPSY Full PvP Server

Info Server
• Max Level 66
• Exp Rate 2000X
• Animus Rate 8000X
• Drop Rate 250X
• Loss Quest
• No Edit Damage
• Normal Rate Upgrade
• Skill and Force GM
• Event Every Weekend
• No Over Power Damage Donation
• Friendly Admin dan GM Standby 24 Hrs

Info Npc
• Full OD

• Portal PB
• Armor Intes 35-65 +6
• Weapon Intens 35-65 +6
• Armor 65 Medium +7 In Gold Point
• Weapon Infinity +7 In Gold Point
• Armor Donation palmas +6 In PVP Point
• Weapon PVP +6 In PVP Point
• Talic & LGS

@Drop List@
•Young Flem : elemental perfect,legacy blade d
•Wing : isis [Cora],Maublesing [Bells],Ammo Spec [ACC]
•Flem : Gli Farm

•Scud lava : Resto Talic
•Draco: leon 40 high
•Assasin Bulder A : Booster 40
•Caliana Atrock : Calung caliana (Farm Low)
•Caliana Archer : All Rune
•BogieBlot : Capsul Ubah Job
•Naroom Captain : Capsul Gold 29
•Jewel Cube : Capsul Gold 1000
•Kukra Vafer Captain : Aiming-Blood Part Box
•Dark Elf Berserker : Calung Caliana (Farm High)

•PB Markas:HDH,Booster50
•PB Belpegor : Snow Spray Pieces
•PB RL : Aiming dan Blood booster grade 50
•ALL PB ellan [No 3D] : Capsul Gold 3000, Booster Medium
•PB 3D: swett potato,Ele Medium Low
•PB thor : Weapon PVP ,leon 55 High
•PB Inferno Block : Armor Donation Palmas

Web: Coming soon
Patch : Coming Soon
Register : Coming Soon
Grup FB : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Kemungkinan Up hari Senin (07 April 2014). Join grupnya dulu gan, biar tau perkembangannya ^_^

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